What is „A Reading Robot Internet Agency“?

a reading robot is a publishing business model centralized around a catalog of themes and techniques that are used as a basis for advertising. Content is reinforced through use of synergy effects across all media channels. A wide variety of formats and topics is used to penetrate the idea market on many levels.

All methods employed strongly emphasize the usage of search engines and the distribution of online memes.

The company focuses on generating intense stories and captivating narratives which, in the collective subconscious, may spark trends, divert discussions or build consent. In this, search terms are instrumental. They are being used as tools to hype a concept or a strategy. Thus, the background noise of the internet echo chambers is transformed into a screen. Projected on this screen, single ideas gain a maximum of impact.

Artistic events, photography, and literature are most efficient in attaining our goal of creating originality and distinctive individuality. This method, called maxiplication, has been used from the beginning and is being honed and developed without interruption since 1997. It is, in fact, our unique selling point.

All data is being read by robots.
Let‘s use this fact.
Like a sailboat uses wind:

a reading robot Internet Agency


Sell to Germany


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